LANBO flat projection screen,a new option for conference change

In the new business era leveraged by “black technology” , the development of enterprises is the competition in products and technology, data collection and analysis is speeding up, the efficiency of the market operation is also improved, all teams and enterprises in the related field are facing new challenges: how to create effective···

LANBO “Flat Projection” is born to overturn the visual field.

InfoComm China 2017,which is one of the most influential exhibition in the professional audio-visual fields, was held from April 12th to April 14 at the Beijing National Convention Center. The large screen display expert LANBO came to the show with “flat projection” that is self-developed and granted patent, became the major concern ···

How to meet the project requirements for the conference display system which is the most demanding in history?

A few months ago, a friend who is a secretary to the general manager complained to me, The leader wanted the company conference room to be equipped with a large screen, but there is some strict requirements: If the screen need little black house, No! Too thick or too heavy, No! Look too dazzling, No! The picture has the seam, No! Oh! I want to a···

LANBO’s “Flat Projection” catches people’s eyes in the exhibition

The 28th Beijing Educational Equipment Exhibition is held in Beijing by Beijing Education and Equipment Industry Association and Beijing Higher Education Society Technological Materials Research Association. The conference is sponsored by, and is reported by   During the exhibition, LANBO shows its flat projection ···