“Made in China, Granted US patent ” LANBO flat projection expand the international market


Taken the flat projection screen, LANBO attended the InfoComm2017 in USA, this is its deduct show in the exhibition abroad since the flat projection screen was granted the US invention patent in 2016. By the image display which is realistic ,soft and highlight ,it received widely good reputation.


InfoComm2017 held in Orlando in the United States, as the biggest professional event in the AV industries, each exhibition will attract numerous of big enterprises. With the best strength ,each exhibitor competed in the pageant to win more attention, introduced different new products or new technology, to meet the needs of the market.

Carrying the self-developed patent product- flat projection screen, LANBO attend the InfoComm2017 exhibition and made the first show by its subversive display. Single screen size is 173 inches, thickness of panel structure is less than 60mm, roller bracket; It can save space and be more convenient for customers to move the screen to the other room, which in order to maximize the use of the screen.

All display manufacturers show “creative stitching display” in the exhibition. Based on the unique display of “Area light”,  LANBO flat projection screen became a unique landscape, and received praise from the audience.

The innovative technology and vivid display effect, attracted great interest of the rave media, and accept the interview.



The traditional products display have limitations: The projector is easily affected by the indoor environment light; Small spacing LED is bright and dazzling ; LCD splicing is bezel; DLP splicing gap and the box is too heavy and other. But LANBO flat projection screen based on “Grid Pixel Projection” ,This core technology overcome the shortcomings of traditional display products mentioned above, while retain the their advantages, details follows:

  • Projection display, Self luminous

Each tiny pixel is a projection unit, even in bright indoor environment, ensure that the picture is clear and not affected by indoor light interference, say Good bye to the application scene of “black house”.

  • Safety, no light pollution, non-dazzling

Through LANBO patent display screen, weaken the damage of blue light, even through close watch the Word or Excel with white background for a long time , the eyes will not feel hurt, and the display effect is bright and soft.

  • No Consumables

LED light source, with 100,000 hours long lifetime, no consumables, save a lot of maintenance costs for customers

  • Noiseless

Heat dissipation by its own structure, no fan design, even control the current sound internal to minimum , achieve the best effect of noiseless.

  • The screen thickness is less than 60mm

In indoor scenarios which values like gold, the screen with this thickness can make the application space more flexible.

  • Big size for single screen

Single screen can be larger than 100 inches, support customization , the entire screen without bezel, ensure the  picture coherence and consistency.


Safety, No light pollution

  • First ,Safety to people

Light pollution is mainly caused by the high brightness blue light radiation of the screen, according to statistics, Blue light is a high energy visible light which wavelength in 400nm-480nm.The harmful short wave blue light have high energy , it will increase the macular toxin of human eyes, induce blindness, even cause irreversible damage to the eyes.

LANBO flat projection screen is self luminescent and the screen surface is granted patent. Blue light of LANBO flat projection screen is mainly in 460nm,passed the test of China Institute of metrology, the brightness of LANBO projection screen is 0.0135W/㎡·sr·nm when blue light radiation in 460nm.It is far lower than 100W/㎡·sr·nm which is the harmless standard.  0.0135W/㎡·sr·nm is only 1/10 of blue light radiation from OLED. This data show that the damage of the LANBO flat projection to the human eyes can be ignored.

  • Second, safety to screen

In application of indoor screen environment , It is impossible to avoid to touch screen or impact, such as the daily cleaning of the screen, such as accidentally hit the surface of the screen, the patent surface of flat projection screen can ensure safety the screen itself.

Data shows

LCD radiation brightness: 0.6339W/㎡·sr·nm

OLED radiation brightness: 0.1441W/㎡·sr·nm

LANBO flat projection screen radiation brightness: 0.0135W/㎡·sr·nm

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Born To Be Somebody

Beijing Universal LANBO Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as LANBO) was founded in 2002, it is a manufacture specialized in large size screen, a technology company with a number of independent invention patents. With more than 10 years of accumulation in the large size screen technology development, LANBO know well the advantages and disadvantages of DLP, projector, LCD, LED screens. Avoided the disadvantages but combined advantages of the screens, LANBO launched the flat projection screen. LANBO flat projection screen has granted a US patent, patent application in China are in progress. The patents represents the flat projection technology is the in the lead and unique. It is proved that LANBO is the innovator and leader in the field.

In recent years, promoted by China’s “The Belt and Road” policy, China manufacturing enterprises develop the overseas market more and more. The debut of LANBO flat projection screen in the international arena , proved that China can be “NO.1” in the field of large size professional display equipment manufacturing ,and sounded the charge for the more national brands to develop the global market.