” Five Years of Endeavour Forwarding” large-scale exhibition, LANBO flat projection is together with you

Achievement made by China development is obvious to all people, to celebrate the 19th National Congress, The large-scale exhibition themed”Endeavour temper five years” ,has been held in Beijing exhibition hall in September 25, 2017, will run a total of two months. Beijing LANBO Technology Co. Ltd. (abbreviation: LANBO) attended the show with its self-developed patent flat projection Athena series 2.8 * 1.8 meters of the big screen , looking forward to your visit.

Different types of big screens can be found in the current market. The traditional projector increase more in the conference room and classroom application, But the space in meeting room and classroom is large,because of the limit of imaging principle ,the projector is easily disturbed by the indoor environment light , lifetime is short, display effect is not good when light interfered; LED is a clear than projector , but too bright and glare ; LCD splicing have gap; DLP splicing have problem in color and the box is too heavy.These are the bottleneck to the developing to traditional display.

LANBO flat projection based “macro MPD (Marco Rear-Projection)” overcame the shortcomings of traditional display products, while retaining the advantages .LANBO measured brightness of their flat projection is 300cd/ square meters (on adjustable), this brightness is close to the brightness value of computer monitor and TV , guarantee flat projection is in high brightness , and the light is soft, not affected by ambient light interference; and flat projection has a high contrast, so that the screen display can be really dark, even can be used normally with the light on and curtain down ; the heat radiation can be handled by the screen body itself, no fan design, so don’t worry about the noise when work.

In addition, LANBO flat projection made professional diffuse reflection process for each pixel , the light to the flat projection will be refracted to each point of view,  will not form a mirror refection phenomenon; at the same time, also made the flat projection screen with black handle, which can really picture imaging – “black” , then the screen is in high contrast.

LANBO flat projection not only can effectively avoid the problem of environmental interference, but also can avoid the blue light damage; blue light is a high intensity short wave, mainly concentrated in the 460nm. Long-term watching, the eyes of the yellow spot will cause irreversible damage, blue light is the most direct “killer”to damage eyesight .LANBO flat projection is rear projection and the surface of the screen is under protection by patent covers. Granted the certification from National Institute of Metrology, LANBO flat projection Blu ray in 460nm radiation brightness of 0.0135W/ square meters SR square meters nm, far lower than that of 100W/ – Sr – nm standard and no harm, the equivalent of OLED screen blue radiance 1/10, the data also show that the damage of the LANBO flat projection of the human eye,even can be ignored.


Here everybody on our flat projection is full of curiosity, so please go to the Beijing exhibition hall to visit us! You can also visit our official website of LANBO (www.lanbo.com.cn) for more details.

LANBO flat projection with its own R & D technology, overcame the deficiencies for big screen display equipment in Chinese market , achieve a more beautiful tomorrow. In order to give you a better big screen, we LANBO has been working hard

Exhibition information:

Name: “the major achievements endeavour temper five years” Exhibition

Date: Sep to Nov 2017

Venue: Beijing exhibition hall

Pavilion: second exhibition area, seventh unit