LANBO’s “Flat Projection” catches people’s eyes in the exhibition

The 28th Beijing Educational Equipment Exhibition is held in Beijing by Beijing Education and Equipment Industry Association and Beijing Higher Education Society Technological Materials Research Association. The conference is sponsored by, and is reported by


During the exhibition, LANBO shows its flat projection and receives a lot of attention. Flat projection uses “Grid Pixel Projection”, which enables every single pixel to reach its best color and clarity. By aligning millions of these pixels, the whole picture on the screen looks fantastic. In addition, Flat projection is super thin and is easy to install. It is a perfect substitution to the conventional projector in the meeting room.

 LANBO’s exhibition


Unlike conventional large display devices that have many troubles while using and installation, LANBO’s flat projection solves a lot of problems. For example, LED’s glare causes eye sore, LCD splicing have gaps between each screen and projectors are expensive to do the maintenance and are easily affected by the environmental light. On the contrary, flat projection significantly

Improves these problems. In addition, the “Grid Pixel Projection” technology is like assembling millions of mini projectors together to create the whole picture. Each mini projector is a one pixel on the screen. The flat projection screen is only 60mm thin, and is easy for transportation and installation.

LANBO’s flat projection


What’s more, flat projection takes advantage of its great contrast and color reproduction degree to make the pictures sharper and with clearer layers. Dark fractions are darker. Flat projection also makes the display bright but soft, low brightness with high gray. It is tested to be comfortable for long-time viewing.

LANBO’s flat projection is developed based on several kinds of multi-function meeting room. Many advantages attract people’s attention. It is believed that flat projection will replace the conventional display devices in meeting room.