Beijing Universal Lanbo Technology Co., Ltd. (LANBO) was established in 2002. LANBO specializes in large screen visual display product design, development, production, engineering, installation, and after sales service of high technology enterprises and intelligent control room environments.
LANBO have a proven track record, wealth of engineering experience with qualified professional and technical personnel, top drawer management team, and strong research and development knowledge. Over the years, LANBO’s commitment to its customers and partners in providing comprehensive integrated solutions and reliable services is well known and today, it is a brand name in China. For the past 14 years, LANBO have offered a full range of advanced technology products for DLP, LCD, LED, and multi-screen processors. In 2016, LANBO unveil its invention products for the conventional visual display technologies.
LANBO are headquartered in Beijing’s Zhongguancun High Technology Park, with more than 1,000 square meters of office area, and equipped with advanced product showrooms, providing the most intuitive demonstration for its customers’ viewing and selection. The company’s research and development center and modern factory are located in Changping District of Beijing Science and Technology Park, covering an area of over 4,000 square meters.
LANBO are classified as a high-tech enterprise in China and has secured ISO9001 international certification, national compulsory 3C certification, and large screen control software copyright authentication.

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