LANBO “Flat Projection” is born to overturn the visual field.

InfoComm China 2017,which is one of the most influential exhibition in the professional audio-visual fields, was held from April 12th to April 14 at the Beijing National Convention Center. The large screen display expert LANBO came to the show with “flat projection” that is self-developed and granted patent, became the major concern in the exhibition.

Came to the LANBO booth, the greatest feelings is good wine no need bush. Despite the booth is not in very conspicuous position, but visitors to the LANBO booth came in an endless stream, even someone came to the booth again and again. The attraction is from LANBO “flat projection” with independent intellectual property rights. But what is the charm of this product?

Mr. Liu Quanwei ,Marketing Director of LANBO, told Projection Times reporter, the core technology for LANBO flat projection is grid pixel projection technology, thousands of tiny pixels arranged by group formed the whole picture. It solves many pain points from current large screen display users, such as: the bezel problem that impact the picture integrity; uncomfortable sense to eyes when the long time highlight viewing; the complexity and cost of frequent replacement of consumables; the excessive dependence on environmental issues. It can be said that the Flat Projection are integrated the advantages from others, and became the new generation of display technology, which not only has superior clarity, color, but also less than 60mm slim, convenient installation and maintenance, efficient collaborative processing etc.

The flat projection, contains LANBO’s the more than ten years technology accumulation in the large screen display field, so it is in good performance. Even in the high brightness lighting environment, still can show clear and vivid picture. Mr. Liu introduced, since the advent of flat projection, it won the recognition of professionals and users. Especially in the education, business field, indoor large screen display problems which plagued users for a long time has been solved. Considering the display effect, education industry which especially has viewing comfort requirements, become the key market promotion area for LANBO. According to the diversified demand of the education users, LANBO is interactive, 3D technology supporting. It can ensure the presentation of more realistic picture for teachers and students in the bright classroom environment, enhance teaching quality and protect students’ eyesight health. Besides the education field, LANBO also send force to the radio and television industry, transportation command and dispatch, and other fields.

About the product, although the users recognized the advantages of flat projection such as color, highlighting and non dazzling , no consumables, but some users made a request to show 4K Ultra HD picture. In this regard, the new LANBO upgrade will upcoming soon, the grid pixel size is only 1/4 compared to current size, which can achieve a pixel more sophisticated, even 4K will no problem, provide a more extensive selection of products for users.
As for channel, Mr. Liu pointed out that the important goal this year is marketing promotion, let more people know and experience the unique charm of flat projection. Overseas market are sending force synchronously. And in the channel, the company welcomes like-minded friends work together, integrate the technology and resources from both sides ,to achieve the effect of 1+1 > 2, to jointly promote the flat projection ,which is a disruptive products, to service more industry fields.