LANBO flat projection screen,a new option for conference change

In the new business era leveraged by “black technology” , the development of enterprises is the competition in products and technology, data collection and analysis is speeding up, the efficiency of the market operation is also improved, all teams and enterprises in the related field are facing new challenges: how to create effective supply and the value chains.Therefore, the good meeting is particularly important. The product is king refers to the innovation of the product a metaphor for the importance of industry. If an enterprise does not have enough innovative products that is equivalent to a person without a soul. Today I want to expose the”Hot Sale” product from the domestic and foreign market in 2017 – LANBO flat projection screen, a new generation of intelligent hardware products which write a new chapter in the meeting room, at the same time, give more business meetings a new choice of change.

“Flat projection screen”, it sounds strange for the ones who are not in the industry , may understand the words too literally, think it is a type of projector, I here responsibly tell you that the flat projection screen is NOT a projector! Flat projection screen is based on the projection technology, can be displayed after boot and signal.

In our original cognition, a traditional conference room is consisted of computer, projector and whiteboard, that is always the standard exists.But with the increasing of diversification and meeting interactive needs, the needs of users is increasing too, diversified demand requires more detailed products and services.At this time, with independent intellectual property rights ,”flat projection screen” that represent the general trend was born.

New generation artifact for Conference Office
The core technology of LANBO flat projection screen is “grid pixel projection” technology, the thousands of tiny pixels arranged by group and form the whole picture. Slim, flexible installation, installation can be completed within a short time, and can be hoisted or vertical installation, can meet the various needs of enterprises, that is really a essential artifact for business meeting room . At the same time, many pain points of large screen display have been handled : such as bezel problem of lCD splicing and DLP rear projection ,eye fatigue when long time watching , cost problems for frequent replacement of consumables .

The largest waste for office workers may be sitting in a boring meeting room every day , meetings are endless, but really things not done too much, eyes also suffer along. In order to avoid endless meetings, LANBO also provide interactive function and related technology for active 3D effect supporting, that can ensure the screen showing realistically in bright light environment .The outer of the flat projection screen is LANBO patent screen, maximize the protection of the participants from long time eye damage and visual fatigue in the meeting. At the same time, the screen is also well protected from the external force, not been scratched.

In addition, no fan design of LANBO flat projection screen can cool itself through the box structure; make your meeting can do speak freely, without noise from large screen or projector. And the design of more than 100 inch single screen , can meet the viewing needs of many participants in the meeting. At the same time the screen can be equipped with “wireless cooperation “configuration.All the computers, the mobile terminal from participants can achieve wireless transmission on screen display, get rid of the cable limit in traditional meeting , make the meeting more rapid, efficient and convenient.

Today, time is money, almost all enterprises are concern about the efficiency, a new generation artifact for the conference offices — LANBO flat projection screen, solved the complicated preparation problems before the meeting,and each person’s time loss, improves the work efficiency greatly .

Forward to the International market

Since 2016, LANBO flat projection available, open all-round promotion mode, because of its excellent contrast, security non-dazzling, bright and soft and other advantages, win the small pitch led which is “ low light high gray “,and large screen which have splicing problem.It has been widely used in the fields of education and business etc ,approved by the professionals and users in the related industry .

Since”Belt and Road ” initiative proposed, many enterprises respond actively , to “go global”.LANBO entered the international market in 2017, showcased this unique patented technology products in InfoComm exhibition in US , the exhibition has attracted the attention of the industry. LANBO Apollo series 173’’ flat projection screen become a unique landscape, single screen big size; detachable installation, solved the logistics and transportation problems;the roller supporting structure, facilitates indoor flexible application greatly , has won praise from the audience on site.

Beijing Universal LANBO Technology Co., Ltd. (Abbreviation: LANBO), founded in 2002, is one high-tech enterprises engaged in large display screens design,research and development, production, installation and service of customer service.It is a professional display and intelligent control solutions provider.LANBO products covers LCD,DLP, LED, network processor etc .In 2016,LANBO launched its independent invention that subvert the traditional visual display technology.LANBO headquarters is located in Beijing Zhongguancun high tech park, with more than 1000 square meters of office area, and is equipped with advanced show room, can provide the most intuitive demonstration effect for the users. The R & D center and modern factory are located in Beijing Changping science and Technology Park, the total covers an area of more than 4000 square meters, that is a solid foundation for the pursuit of continuous innovation and development concept of LANBO .

Whether the hot in domestic market or the reactions in international markets, all reflect that when “wisdom in china”products go aboard , we must realize :Make good products, make the product customers need!
At present, the domestic brands in the international market still has a long way to go, but the exploration of LANBO, let us know the direction of this road.
The quality of many products from China is not bad, its progressiveness and technical performance is not worse than abroad, but Chinese consumers do not know this yet, they are still lack the deep trust to Chinese brands . If the digital audio and video engineering network and other media industry can help our Chinese brands, including LANBO flat projection, let more people know LANBO technical research and development strength, “wisdom in china”products will be sold well worldwide.