How to meet the project requirements for the conference display system which is the most demanding in history?

A few months ago, a friend who is a secretary to the general manager complained to me, The leader wanted the company conference room to be equipped with a large screen, but there is some strict requirements:
If the screen need little black house, No!
Too thick or too heavy, No!
Look too dazzling, No!
The picture has the seam, No!
Oh! I want to ask, what else is available?
The projection need little black house, DLP splicing is bulky, small spacing LED too dazzling, LCD splicing have bezel.
Oh, God, How can we meet his requirements?!

We contacted the friend recently, inadvertently learned that this problem was eventually solved properly, and the product ,which met the so-called “The most strict requirements in history”, is a new product called” flat projection TM “, prompting projection Times editorial department of great interest. So one day in early winter, we arrived at the science and Technology Industrial Park, LANBO (LANBO) company headquarters, personally visited the flat projection of TM.

Manager Liu of the Lanbo company is responsible for the reception of us, Firstly, Liu explains what Lanbo Flat projection screen is: It is a technology based on ‘grid pixel projection’. A whole screen is finally formed when tens of millions of tiny ‘projection unit’ are uniformly placed in arrangement. In simple terms, each pixel is a small projection system, and the light emitted by the light source projects imaging on its sphere screen within the projection distance of less than 3mm, and then a large screen will consists of numbers of such small projection systems. So what is the difference between the flat projection screen and the other display technologies on the market? And why can meet such a severe demand for use?

Before understanding the characteristics of the flat projection, let us first learn the background of flat projection coming out– with the refinement of social division, many enterprises, institutions and other forces, the daily work of the collaborative work put forward high requirements. At the same time, there is also display demand for a release of information, data visualization display, which makes the selection of large screen display equipment for a meeting room (Hall) become a key factor. However, as the case we mentioned before, for the sake of image and function ,there are often restrictions on the choice of equipment, but the existing mainstream technologies are not perfect:

No harsh environmental light requirements by Flat Projection

For example, because of the brightness and contrast limitations of the traditional projector, conference room often need to draw the curtains, create a “black house”, which will make the ones involved in the meeting have poor experience, and affect the notes making and face to face exchanges. Speakers are more likely to be interrupted by the light that goes into the screen.In addition, the projection system needs to replace bulbs and other consumables, so the maintenance cost is high. Multi machine splicing is prone to occur problems like: image dislocation, difficult to seamlessly connect with the standard resolution devices such as computers.

Accurate skin tone restoration and excellent picture integrity

Besides the consumptive material problem,DLP technology have other defects like: There are still small seams, especially the thickness of the body (usually larger than 50cm) defects, bulky body can not match the simple request for conference room (Hall).While LCD can not make single big screen size (Single size usually less than 110 inches), and there are obvious stitching seams, will lead to data loss or face be segmented by the seam. The small spacing LED application in the meeting room is more dazzling, not suitable for long time watching; There is moire when making a video, which not suite for the preservation and dissemination when meeting.

Figure of Flat projection TM is slim, save space

A large screen display device that meets the needs of a conference room (Lecture Hall) is almost ready– Flat projection TM is born in this background.The unique display based on the principle, and has a lifetime of 100 thousand hours, no need consumable material; Ultra quiet aluminum shell radiation; Soft brightness and no dazzling; No direct light interference to speaker; Large size (single screen can be larger than 100 inches), and the whole screen without seam; High contrast, rich in detail; Ultra-thin machine body (less than 50mm). Flexible installation; No moire; Wireless transmission, simplify the system, not only can effectively simplify the system configuration from the appearance, improve the “color value”, but also make the users get rid of complicated equipment operation, pay more attention to the work itself, so as to improve the work efficiency.

Contrast of flat projection is better than projector, detail clear

Finally, we got a perfect answer that how the flat projection TM to meet the leader’s demanding requests.Manager Liu said that since 2016, flat projection TM officially launched, there have been many orders coming, Delivery date for these orders has been ranked in 2017.In addition to customer recognition, flat projection LANBO have the completely independent intellectual property rights, we are already been granted the American invention patent, and apply for the domestic invention patent in China now, in a word , Lanbo get passport for the next step of global market layout.

Applications Case of flat projection TM

If I don’t say, can you tell it’s a blackboard or a big screen?

In the LANBO show room, we see the blackboard imaging from flat projection TM.Manager Liu explained that this is designed specially for the customers who are in the education field. It mainly in order to demand the dark environment requests for the projector and other equipment ,and LED devices with high brightness affect on the eyesight of students, make the electronic display looks more like the true blackboard, adapt to the human viewing habits.

Flat projection TM, 3D application

On another screen, we also experienced the charm that 3D flat screen projection applied in the 3D movie, which also make it possible to extend the flat projection to home entertainment, commercial theater and other entertainment applications. At the end of the day’s visit, we finally unveiled the mystery of the flat projection TM.As a display technology which is seamless, slim figure, comfortable watching, and no need little dark house(Projector use environment), it is reasonable for Flat Projection can meet the harsh requirement for conference room (Hall).