LANBO’s flat projection in ISLE2017

The International Signs & LED Exhibition (ISLE2017) is held in Guangzhou. The products from LANBO are first shown in the exhibition. They bring the innovative flat projection and 3D cinema to the audiences, which are intended to provide meeting room solution and 3D film experience.

LANBO’s exhibition area at B01 of 12.2 hall

In the conventional meeting room, projectors have following problems: expensive supplies and maintenance, environmental light interference and limited size etc. These problems can bother the customers. As for LCD splicing, the gap between each display panel is annoying. High density LED display is not suitable for long time watching, because of its high brightness. For these reasons, a display solution that does not require supplies and is conformable to watch is needed.

LANBO’s flat projection

According to these requirements, LANBO developed the revolutionary flat projection which is based on LANBO’s 10-years’ experience in display manufacturing. The “Grid Pixel Projection” technology enables every single pixel to reach its best color and clarity. The entire screen is very thin and is easy for installation and maintenance. Flat projection also makes the display bright but soft, low brightness with high gray. In addition, there is no environmental light interference, and there are no addition supplies required. It is the perfect alternative solution for meeting room projection.

During the exhibition, flat projection is no doubt the main character at LANBO’s area. Although it is relative bright at the exhibition, the display still shows the detail of the picture. The staff from LANBO tells reporter from pjtime ( that the flat projection supports modular installation, and can be customized according to users’ needs for different situation. At the exhibition, a lot of companies show their interest in applying this product to their meeting room and classroom.

LANBO’s 3D Cinema

There is another product called “3D Cinema” brought by LANBO in its temporary cinema. This screen brings cinematic-level display quality to the audiences. This product is unveiled at the exhibition for the first time, and it inherited all advantages from flat projection. It also supports 3D display. Comparing it with conventional projectors in the cinema, it does not need expensive supplies, and it has an inexpensive installation fee. People will no longer need to build control room for the large projector in the cinema if they choose to use “3D Cinema”. In the future, “3D Cinema” will change the conventional film industry.


According to LANBO’s brilliant exhibition, the large display equipment develops so fast. The products are closer to customer’s demand and are reaching different fields. The introduction of flat projection and “3D Cinema” will boost the trend of “invented by China”.