LANBO’s flat projection starts the film journey


Beijing Film Academy is recognized as “the cradle of Chinese film talents”. It cultivated a large number of Chinese movie stars. The Beijing Film Academy story dining hall located at the first floor of the international commuting center, and is next to the youth film studio and the China Central Television Film Channel CCTV6, and State Intellectual Property Office and the Beijing Film Studio. Without exaggerating, this is one of the most popular restaurants for Chinese stars.

Beijing Film Academy


The academy’s faculty often need to hold meetings and lectures at this dining hall, but they are not satisfied with the conventional projectors. Now, they are looking for a substitution that can perfectly adjust the background and can clearly present the contents in their presentation.

One corner if the story dining hall


The dining hall is covered by a glass roof, so the brightness is close to the outside in the day. After talking with academy’s faculty, they give the following requirements:


Large size: it should at least be able to handle 200 audiences.

Seamless: There should be no gap within the entire screen.

Mediate brightness: It should not be as bright as LED which will make eyes uncomfortable, and It should be brighter than projector.

Realistic Color: When the speaker is presenting his or her contents, the picture and videos must                   be realistic.

No lights on the speaker: The projectors may hurt speaker’s eyes while presenting.

No Moiré pattern: The LED display will generate annoying patterns when taking pictures or recording videos.

Wireless transmission: There should not be any requirements for the speakers’ computer. No extra software, low latency, sound and picture synchronization.


The principal of the story dining hall comes to LANBO’s exhibition room, and he is very surprised to see the flat projection. The staff from LANBO uses various picture and videos to show the performance of flat projection. Since LANBO has a very rich product line, the principal is able to compare flat projection with other products. After he investigates several other products, he praises the brightness, color and wireless transmission of flat projection. Finally, he decided to replace the current LED display with LANBO’s flat projection.

Beijing Film Academy’s story dining hall’s principal is visiting LANBO’s exhibition room


It is not a coincidence to build such a high-performance screen, because LANBO is founded in 2002 and focuses on large display devices for more than 10 years. After a long-term development, LANBO unveiled flat projection in 2016 that features the following advantages


High Contrast: The dark fraction is darker. People can see more details at the same environment.

Softness: It is as comfortable as watching TV. Eyes don’t get sored while the brightness is high. The display will not be affected by environmental lights (e.g. Fluorescent lamps, meeting rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows, glass-covered lecture hall or museums.)

Thin: 42mm thickness, save a lot of space.

Multiple Installation Option: stand installation or mount.

Long using life: 100,000 hours’ life, it avoids extra supply fees comparing to projector.

Huge size: With modular installation, the size of it can reach more than 100 inches.

Multiple-resolution: It supports the mainstream 2K, 4K resolution and is downward compatible

Super-Quiet: The entire screen uses aluminum heat dissipation with no-fan design. It avoids the noise made by the dissipation system that may affect the meeting.

High-efficiency operating: The front end uses wireless transmission technology which can be used on any computer with any operating system.


The following is the picture after the flat projection installation.

flat projection at the middle + post at the sides.

 flat projection at the middle + post at the sides.

PPT’s white screen


Until today, flat projection has provided several presentations at the story dining hall, and receives praises from both the speakers and the audiences.